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EVENT POSTPONED:KAAIAA - The 4 Pillars of Health - Wairua - the Yoga Studio at Jack's Point: Queenstown: Thursday August 11: 1:00pm-4:00pm

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EVENT POSTPONED - Please look out for new release of dates.

Join Leah Simmons of KAAIAA for a 3 hour workshop with a focus on the 4 Pillars of Health: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual

Leah has developed the KAAIAA programme after years of training in different disciplines. Her integration of many modalities has resulted in the KAAIAA programme - which is the complete workout for every aspect of your being.

Join us at Wairua - the Yoga Studio at Jack's Point - Queenstown: for this amazing workshop with the following focus:


Imagine if your workout could not only give you the body you wanted, but the life 
you wanted too? A training program that cultivated a sharp, focused mind, deep
loving relationships, a purpose-driven career AND a strong healthy body. 
KAAIAA is the first program that trains across the Four Pillars of Health (Mental,
Physical, Emotional and Spiritual). Through training ALL aspects of yourself you will
BE fitter, LIVE healthier and FEEL happier.

The KAAIAA Four Pillars Of Health Workshop will guide you through holistically
addressing the health of every aspect of your life.

Discover new ways to effectively train each pillar for a clear mind, strong body and
enhanced energy levels.

In this workshop you will discover:
- Breathwork techniques designed to calm and strengthen the nervous system.
- The power of the language.
- Physical training from the inside out.
- Mindfulness and Meditation practices for every day
- The evolution of decision-making and the power of gratitude
- New ways to connect to yourself and your purpose
- So much more!!!

During this workshop Leah will also guide you through a 45 minute KAAIAA workout.



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* Once purchased entry to the event is non-refundable for change of mind - however you may gift your space to someone else.

* We reserve the right to postpone the event should it not be able to proceed due to Covid-19.

* Should we need to cancel the event for any reason - you will receive a refund less any payment and transaction fees.

* Please bring a journal and pen - should you wish to take notes.

* Please bring a water bottle, and snacks - these will not be provided.

* There are a limited number of mats and bolsters available for the class - please bring your own if possible.

* Please note all Covid-19 and Studio guidelines must be followed during this workshop