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Water blessing and Temple Tour:-Bali with Rachel Hunter August 24: 9:00am-4:00pm

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Water blessing and Temple Tour:-Bali - August 24: 9am-4:00pm (at the latest)

Join us as we visit The Holy Water Temple Tirta Empul

Located in Tampak Siring village, this temple is one of the most important Purification Temples for the Balinese. Besides for purification rituals, the Balinese also come to the temple to pray or to get Holy Water to use for their ceremony at home or community.

Purification ritual itself is important for the Balinese. Balinese usually do it regularly to purify mind, body and soul. It's one of "a must" do thing if you visit Bali.

Gunung Kawi Temple

The Gunung Kawi Temple complex comprises a collection of ancient shrines carved into the face of a rock cliff in central Bali. The main site overlooks the sacred Pakerisan River, which also flows by the Tirta Empul Temple a kilometer up north. Across the river from the ancient reliefs is a temple courtyard featuring old Hindu shrines in a more contemporary architectural style.

Bali’s Pejeng region is famous for its rich collection of archaeological sites, and Gunung Kawi Temple is a popular stopover on itineraries through the central uplands of the Gianyar regency. The 300 steps further down to the river flanks lush paddy terraces and a gorgeously green valley – they transport you back in time and away from modernity.

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