Yoga Equipment Pack
Yoga Equipment Pack
Yoga Equipment Pack

Yoga Equipment Pack

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Yoga Equipment pack - can be ONLY be purchased in CONJUNCTION with Cotour Events. Items will delivered to and set up at the event you are attending.

- Globe Artichoke: Bolster

- Tribe: Earth Me Mat

- Tribe: Standard Block

Item Details:

Traditional Rectangular Bolster - Globe Artichoke:

The Traditional Rectangle Bolster encourages a moderate chest and back bend opening. It supports the total upper body comfortably in many Restorative and Yin Yoga postures, plus offers a firm stable platform for supported inversion poses like legs up the wall ‘Viparata Karani’. The Traditional Rectangle Bolster is also an ideal base for stacking blankets to add height or another bolster – It's extremely versatile!

Featuring a removable zipped cover for washing, plus carry handle. 

61cm length
25cm width
15cm height


Tribe: Earth-Me Mat:

Colour choices: Olive, Cosmos, Amethyst:

TRIBE brings you the most earth-friendly yoga mat on the planet! Made from 100% natural tree rubber and jute, with no glues or synthetic additives, this beauty will biodegrade back into the earth where she came from.

Ideal for those who want to say no to petrochemical yoga mats. The jute and rubber offer superb tactile grip and the mat stays flat as you practice.

  • 1780 x 660 x 4mm thick
  • 4kg approx.
  • 100% natural tree rubber and jute
  • Rubber stays flat as you practice
  • Jute gives tactile grip
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight


Tribe: Standard Block:

This core yoga prop will prove to be an invaluable tool during your practice. This standard size block will give you a larger more stable area to work with than a slim block. It's a useful prop for anyone who is not able to reach the floor easily or when you need support during back bends. It can be used like a mini bolster and to prop limbs in restorative poses. We bring you these sustainable natural cork blocks because they are strong and stable.

  • 230mm x 150mm x 100mm (4" x 6" x 9")
  • Weight 1.05 kg
  • Sustainable cork material
  • Cork is 100% natural tree bark 
  • Strong and stable 
  • Can support you whole body weight
  • Comfortable contoured edges