About Us

Amy McKenzie-Wilson

Having lived in Christchurch her whole life, Amy McKenzie-Wilson has travelled all over the world, for large portions of her childhood and adult-life. After working in hospitality, project management and customer service for many years, Amy now masters the ultimate role of Mother and Wife to her husband, four children and two beautiful labradors, often referred to as simply, Extraordinaire or Lady Boss! 

As a result of her life experience, Amy has developed the ultimate love of organising and she excels at it too. After sharing all of her travel tips with friends and family and eventually planning many trips for her loved ones, the idea for The Cotour was born.

Modern tours to exquisite destinations. Each tour has its own focus, whether it is Wellness, Shopping, Relaxation or Food, which provides the foundation for the excursion. A tour is then planned with the perfect balance of local sightseeing and sampling authentic cuisine, and is often complemented by a special guest who is an expert in the given area.