Chakra Workshop - Description


“These inner temples, that reside within us, are incredible wheels that spiral within, entwining and enlivening connecting each path within our energetic body. This is the way I see them”

Rachx .

Namaste All, as we nestle into this divine location we get to relax, reset and relate
to the the nature that is within us and the nature that is externally at play all the time in the world we live in.

Chakras relate to the subtle body internally within us, we will explore the qualities,
colors, there then a meditation to connect with them,
Chakra Meditation as we move through this workshop.

Qualities of the Chakras
* Muladhara - – foundation, stability
* Swadhisthan Chakra, – creativity, fluidity
* Manipura Chakra – transformation, cleaning, clearing
* Anahata Chakra- – bliss, the grace love heart,
* Vishuddha Chakra – power of the word
* Agya Chakra - intuition, unity.
* Sahasrara - self realization, wisdom, unity consciousness

It is designed to be a personal journey for each participant. So please come with
openness and fluidity.

Also sometimes with this work there is connection to the teachings sometimes not.

This is all personal experience. So please arrive without any expectations.

Truth Love & Grace