Meditation Workshop - Description

Namaste ,
When we hear the word, "meditation" it can set off all sorts of ideas and even resistance at times. However, meditation can be a sense of peace, a place to take refuge from the mind's tricks, the ego's self talk.

I often hear people share, "I can't meditate," or they say "it's too hard not to think." This is a mindset that is set up to fail. Of course we are going to think! It is only human nature to think, years of evolution to create this intellect, but what is the beauty here within meditation is we get to refine to rest, as we are over thinking creating instability.

Thus, I totally understand this idea or story; but with practice meditation creates a place of rest for the mind.
Learn a simple Meditation.
Talk to the Mind Aspects.

Benefits of Meditation known to ...
Stabilizes the nervous system
Corrects the intellect
Deepens understanding of the nature of the mind
Harnesses the mind’s power
Creates stillness within the body and mind
Meditation invites us to create a space of stability, allowing us to become aware of our unity within. It allows us to invoke stillness and silence into our lives and fills us with the space and time to correct and refine our intellect..

Let’s explore - share ask questions .
We will do simple asana to ease our bodies, a Surya namaskar prepare the body.
Mantra .
Talk to the aspects of the mind.
Yoga Sutras.

Then we can do a few practices with meditation.

An opportunity for us to share and practice together. Look forward to seeing you all .

Everyone welcome.

Please arrive with openness and fluidity. The Journey to self is a personal.
With this experience you can connect to the teachings, sometimes not—this is all personal
experience. So, there are no expectations either way.

Truth Love Grace
Rachel x